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Cicoria tostata macinata Ecor

Ecor organic toasted and ground chicory root 500g


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Size 500 g

Price per 1 kg £10.29

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Ecor organic toasted and ground chicory root 500g

ManufactureEcor is the Italian leading company in direct distribution of organic and biodynamic food products. The company was born in 1987, out of a small but ambitious project, and today can account for a catalogue of more than 4000 products, nearly 200 employees and collaborators, and serve over 800 natural foods stores. The research of quality, inspection of the supply chain from the field to the shelf, and the constant attention to ethical implications, characterize Ecor commitment to furnish a distribution of organic products that is continually more guaranteed and certain.
Green TipRespect for the environment, transparency towards the producers and the consumers and support of organic and biodynamic farming. Ecor is in continuous search for the highest quality organic products, supporting the renewal of agricultural activity and “organic” development for the merchants and the consumers. This is the daily commitment of Ecor. For this reason Ecor take interest in relationships with suppliers, not only about the inspection of activity, but also to find the way to improve the organoleptic and organic quality of the products, and to guarantee an organic farming that cares for the ecosystem.
More DetailsEcor’s objective is to promote organic and biodynamic agriculture while contributing to the well-being of people and society. Its mission, therefore, is the distribution of organic and biodynamic products with the intent of uniting economy and ecology. For this reason, Ecor propagate the idea of the “organic store”: not just a place to shop for groceries, but a location in which the adhesion to a philosophy of life is expressed.
medi per 100 g 
Valore energetico1384 kJ - 328 kcal
Fat0,4 g
di cui: acidi grassi saturi0,1 g
Carbohydrate66 g
di cui: Sugars12 g
Fiber19 g
Protein5,6 g
Sale0,24 g
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